Below you will find a number of services Rumexo Ltd can offer to you, please take a look and then contact us about any you would like more information about.



If you have to decide on Bio-augmentation, full Bio-remediation or Natural Attenuation we can assist you with the following handy tools, available upon request

Powerpoint presentations

  • Fundamentals of Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Biosecurity & Biosafety
  • Bioremediation and Bio-Augmentation Product Selection


  • Useful Definitions
  • Bioremediation feasibility Study Plan
  • in situ Bioremediation Method Statement
  • ex situ Bioremediation Method Statement
  • Treatability Plan
  • Scale-Up Plan
  • Monitoring Plan

    Waste Water Treatment

    Whether you are faced with system start-up, recommissioning, upset recovery, crash recovery or simply improvements in efficiency we will be able to assist you with a suitable water treatment programme. Please look at our Products section for further information. You may also find the following handy tools useful and available upon request:

  • Product Dose Calculator
  • Basic dosing programme for municipal waste water treatment
  • Basic dosing programme for industrial waste water treatment

    Bio-Product Business Development

    We have over 30 years’ experience in executive level bio-business development and a track record of business and sales development. With a detailed knowledge of this business sector landscape we assist businesses large and small on whether bio-business is right for them and if so what best available and emerging technologies are most suitable.
  • Product Design

    Bespoke product design is in close consultation with our client and development microbiologist and chemists. We often have a pivotal role in marketing and launch of new products. We work with new developments in microbial, chemical, bio-chemical and antimicrobial product design

    Our own product ranges combine the best available microbial, chemical and antimicrobial actives and additives that we can freely make available as part of a ‘cleaning solution’ to the market.
    Bioremediation and Bio-Augmentation Product Selection

    Product Sourcing

    We do not have to invent everything. We are well connected to an extensive R&D base in both Europe and the US involved in fundamental research, bio-business start-ups, long established commercial enterprises and new market entrants a unique offering. More information is available in the Partners section

    Professional Products

    Almost all of our commercial products are sold through B2B relationships. We manufacture and sell:

  • Concentrates (fully formulated concentrate products for dilution, bottling and clients private label)
  • Technical Grade Intermediates (part formulated concentrates use as raw material by our clients)
  • Ready to Use (fully formulated product in small pack intended for distributors or end-user customers)
  • Retail Products

    Visit our award winning e-commerce partner for products available for direct on-line sales